Peggy Ryan Williams Center, Ithaca College

Robert B. Tallman Rowing Center, Ithaca College

The Medical Imaging Center, Rome Memorial Hospital

Southwest Addition, Cayuga Medical Center at Ithaca

Lincoln Center Addition, Southworth Library

Bring us your dreams, and we will guide you through a collaborative process that draws on the strengths of the entire team to achieve your goals.  

In our role as design professionals, we act as guides in a process that fosters an open-minded, lively exchange of ideas, resulting in spaces that respond to the needs of you and your constituents. We then synthesize and translate the resulting concepts into creative and engaging architectural solutions. Our strategy encompasses a thorough analysis of programs, regulatory issues, architectural contextual influences, sustainability concerns, social environment, and evolving technologies. We have the experience to understand and develop your project ideas into solutions that benefit your organization.